Class Time – Timetable

The Class Time – Timetable App is created by Nohus Software, this is a Education app. More than 1,130 people have downloaded and rated this app on playstore.

Brief information about Class Time – Timetable

Discover the newest timetable, which always presents you with the current situation.On your phone and on your watch. A notification and widgets will give you all the information you need without opening the app.The Now tab informs you about:• the current class and time left to it’s inevitable end,• the name of your next class, it’s location, type and teacher• time left until your classes begin and breaks end.Automatically mute your phone during lessons and/or breaks!The Time Table tab shows the weekly schedule for each day with every detail on classes.The application allows you to edit, save and share your timetable with friends in an easy way.You can input more schedules and switch between them.You can also import your schedules from a calendar, like Google Calendar.

This app is rated as 4.3 out of 5 stars. And this app was updated on November 8, 2019