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The Dojo | Homework and Self-Study App | Class 6-12 App is created by MyDojo, this is a Education app. More than people have downloaded and rated this app on playstore.

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Dojo is a homework and self-study application for students of classes 6-12.🎯Homework🎯Create, distribute and automatically check homework or worksheets for CBSE Board in JUST 2 MINUTES. Yes!! You read that right.❌No More wasting time typing the questions of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.❌No more settling for the blur, tilted or poorly scanned images.❌No more taking quizzes or sending assignments via entering questions through forms.❌No more difficulty in checking the submitted pdf worksheets.Dojo is an extremely simple, fast, and comprehensive app to conduct worksheets digitally.Here are 3 SIMPLE steps on how to use the APP – ✔️Create a class in 20 seconds. Create a Class by entering Class Name, and selecting Class and Subject.✔️Create an assignment in 60-90 seconds. Select a class to which you want to send the worksheet. You will be presented with list of chapter and topics. Select the Questions from 50,000+ Question bank.✔️Set Due Date and Send the assignment in 10 seconds.Once the students attempt the worksheets, you will be able to see:✔️Name of students who submitted and who did not submit the assignment.✔️Worksheet results such as -How many students correctly attempted each question. -Class average time to attempt the worksheet. -Score of each student in the worksheet. -Detailed performance report of each student.Key features of homework app for teachers teaching online – ✔️Fresh Questions with 3x the number of questions in NCERT books prepared by experienced faculties in subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology.✔️Questions tagged on the basis of subtopic, difficulty and Bloom’s Taxonomy.✔️Extremely Detailed and self-explanatory solutions to guide students when they incorrectly answer a question.✔️Notify students of the Assignments and their Due Date.✔️Auto-check the assignments where teachers don’t need to manually check the assignments of students, saving A LOT OF TIME.✔️Extremely helpful and detailed analytics of each question of each student.So, what are you waiting for? Get started with India’s best app for creating, distributing and automatically checking worksheets based on CBSE Board.🎯Self Study🎯Do you want to prepare for your school exams in a more efficient way? Are you wondering how to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses? Do you want to optimize your time so that you can manage your time well in the examination hall?Answer to all your questions lies with Dojo, a free practice and assessment mobile application, which gives you 50k+ quality questions across subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Classes 9-12 (6-8 coming soon), created by experienced faculties. The questions are freshly curated for the best practice experience.This app not only helps you by providing one of the highest quality question banks but also helps you by precisely telling you your strengths and weaknesses and speed analysis. You can track your progress via personalised reports and analytics right from inside the application.Key Features-Fresh 50k+ questions prepared by experienced faculties in subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology of Classes 9 – 12 (6-8 coming soon).-Questions tagged on the basis of subtopic, difficulty.-Detailed and self-explanatory solutions to guide students when they incorrectly answer a question.-Detailed analytics of each question and each practice session, a student completes in the Dojo App. The analytics we currently have are, total questions practised, total time is taken, average time per question and accuracy%. All content on the app is currently available for free and will continue to be for the next few weeks.PS: Dojo, according to Wikipedia, means a hall or place for immersive learning.Happy Learning.

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