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The Swiflearn Learning App K-10 App is created by Swiflearn Team, this is a Education app. More than people have downloaded and rated this app on playstore.

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Swiflearn: The LIVE Learning App for StudentsYou can now avail access to LIVE Trial Classes and Premium Content for Grades 1-10, CBSE, ICSE, Boards.Get Unlimited Access to all courses, Test series, Online study material, Assignments, LIVE In-Class Doubt Solving & lots more.Founded in 2019, SwifLearn is a continuously growing e-learning platform that offers LIVE face-to-face online tuitions for CBSE & ICSE students of grades 1 to 10. At SwifLearn, we constantly strive to merge education and digital technology while ensuring student-teacher interaction to provide personalized learning for every child.With top 1% teachers from the country, our team is focused on delivering quality education for children of new age parents. We offer in-class online tuition classes for English, Maths, and Science, and other important areas of learning like Mental Ability, Vedic Maths, Life Skills, and Olympiad Preparation.SwifLearn Mobile Learning ApplicationEver since its inception, SwifLearn has been evolving continuously and the growing user base of our mobile application for Android and iOS platforms is a perfect testimony to this. Designed to provide a holistic user-experience, the application offers a personalized learning experience for the students.Already a trusted place for 10K+ parents, SwifLearn’s mobile application is the go-to tool to make learning easier for kids. The salient features of our mobile application make it a must-have resource for all school kids. The application allows students to have access to a top-class learning experience just at a single click.SwifLearn Mobile Application FeaturesTeaching Model: We believe every kid has his/her own learning curve and needs personalized learning to succeed academically. Hence, each of our batches has a maximum of 6 students to offer complete student-teacher interaction.Deep Engagement: Our teaching methodology makes sure that teachers and students engage deeply in every class via a two-way interaction.Face-To-Face Interaction: Unlike most others, our platform enables face-to-face interaction between the child and teacher during classes for personalized learning.Unlimited Mock Tests: Access to questions and mock tests from a wide range of topics to help students strengthen concepts and better prepare for their final exams.Interactive Doubt Classes: Topic-specific interactive doubt sessions with one-to-one interaction between teacher and student for concept clarity.LIVE Progress Tracking: LIVE tracking scores and performances with a detailed progress report to encourage students to compete for leaderboard positions. Why SwifLearn Mobile Application?As the world steadily shifts towards digitalization, it’s essential to understand that learning can play a massive role in shaping up a child’s future. At SwifLearn, we truly consider this aspect and hence make continuous efforts to better our approach towards online learning. SwifLearn Mobile Application is a step in this direction.The mobile application offers a personalized learning experience in addition to overall skill development among the students through the following means.Concept Level Tracking: Scientific assessment for student’s unique learning.Doubt Solving: Encouraging students to clear their doubts in the class itself.Pedagogy: Exploration based classes to encourage each student’s participation.Writing Practice: Subjective training for students to write better in exams.Better Outcome: Focused on imparting conceptual clarity and hence higher confidence in students.

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